Our Affiliation

Vonore Baptist Church ministers with other churches of our denomination on three levels:

  • The Sweetwater Baptist Association
    We are joined with 66 other churches tofellowship and work together reaching East Tennessee for Christ.
  • The Tennessee Baptist Convention
    We are united with over 3,000 churches sharing the goal of reaching Tennesseans with the gospel and beginning new churches.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention
    We participate with more than 42,000 churches, 1200 local associations, and 41 state Conventions together in a world-wide effort to take the message of Christ to all nations.

What is the Southern Baptist Convention?

  • It is the largest association of Christian Churches in Tennessee and in America!
    One out of every 10 churches in America is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (42,000 churches and 16 million members)
  • It is the most diverse of churches
    Southern Baptist Convention churches include every race, nationality, and ethnic group. Each Sunday, services are held in over 80 languages in the United States.
  • It is one of the fastest growing groups
    The Southern Baptist Convention baptized over 1,000 new Christians a day in the U.S. and begins nearly 5 new churches a day!

Why choose to affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention?

  • It allows us to identify with other Believers around the world who are known for their commitment to the Bible. The Southern Baptist Convention has no man-made “creed”. The Bible is our only authority.While a member of the Southern Baptist Convention we still maintain our independence. For example:

    • Every Southern Baptist Church chooses its own pastor and staff.
    • Every Southern Baptist Church owns its own building and assets.
    • Every Southern Baptist Church determines its own program and ministries.
  • It allows our church to participate in the largest missionary organization in the world. Through the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program we help support 10,000 missionaries in North America and in 153 countries worldwide. In 2003, 5,081 missionaries were sent out and the Southern Baptist Convention started 1,700 new churches. Over 415,000 people came to know the Lord and were baptized.

How Does Vonore Baptist Church fit in the Southern Baptist Convention?

  • We help sponsor a trips to build new Churches and buildings to hold Sunday School classes (Brazil).
  • We send, and sponsor, mission teams to assist those who have been devastated in natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. 
  • Our mission-minded, volunteer members go out on short-term mission trips to minister to people in other countries (Venezuela, Mexico). 
  • In 2003, we saw 75 additions to our church and we baptized 29 people. We now have over 400 members on roll. Praise the Lord!
  • Vonore Baptist gives generously (over $35,000 dollars) to the Cooperative Program to be used in ministries throughout the Convention.
*All statistics were gathered from the Southern Baptist Convention, Tennessee Baptist Convention, Sweetwater Baptist Association, and Vonore Baptist Church.