We at Vonore Baptist Church believe in Sunday School as a time to get together and study the of Word God and be a part of a small group that ministers to your needs. You will find there are people experiencing the same things you are and we all need a little encouragement from time to time. At Vonore Baptist Church, there is a class for you! Our Sunday School classes meet each Sunday at 10 a.m. Arrive early and enjoy the fellowship and sometimes even a cup of coffee! We have a classes for the whole family!

Adult Sunday School Classes

Open Door Class:

This class is currently has 75 enrolled with an average attendance of 40. The class meets in the Choir room. The ages vary from mid twenties to late sixties. The lessons are taken from eh Master Works: Essential Messages from God's Servants, published quarterly by LifeWay Christan Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Fellowship Class:

This class meets in the Fellowship Hall of the Church. The present membership of this class is 68. This class sponsors the Food Pantry.

Young Adult Class:

this class is a traditional book class. The class uses the "Explore The Bible Series." It is a lecture-style class with some discussion and class participation. While traditional in style, the discussion can sometimes be far-out and hilarious, but also serious, and has a lot of fun! Any age is welcome in this class, but most class members are middle aged. The class meets in the 2nd room down the hallway toward the Library. T

Newly Married Class:

This is a new class with exciting potential for starting life's long relationship with your Spouse and Christ.


This class is using the Master Works Bible Study material from LifeWay. They meet in the last room down the hallway past the Choir room. The class is made up of a group of ladies who are great encourager's and are striving to know more about the Word of God.

Adult Men:

The class uses the "Ex;ore The Bible Series" material from LifeWay.

Bible Class:

This class teaches lessons brought directly from Scripture.

Willing Workers:

This class uses the Master Work Bible Study Materials from LifeWay.  They are a group of ladies who are willing to work and they love the Lord.


This class uses the "Explore The Bible Series" material from LifeWay.  They are seeking to know about God and what His Word says and how it applies to daily living.

Bible Learners:

This class is striving for a deeper understanding of the Bible.



There is a nursery available across from the sanctuary. The caregivers are exceptional at working with this age group of children

Two & Three Year Olds

This class uses Gospel Light: Movers and Shakers Materials. This class is very lively with a lot of energy. There is never a dull moment. A lesson typically includes Bible Story, activity sheets, songs, and crafts. The children are given an opportunity to share prayer requests and to pray together.

Four & Five Year Olds

This class is for children who are Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten age. IN class we have Bible stories, prayer, singing, games, and lots of fun. The children are learning Bible verses and they Have an opportunity to recite the each week. They receive stickers on the Bible verse chart for reciting the verse each week. The class is also working on learning the first five books of the Bible. This class is in the new Family Life Center. The room is the first door on he the left across from he stairs.

Kindergarten and First Grade

This class uses the Bible in Life: Deep Truth, Bold Faith, Changed Lives by David C. Cook Publishing. A lesson typically includes a Bible story, craft, activity, and a song. The class learns one Bible verse each month. The class is working on learning the first ten books of the New Testament. This class meets on the second floor of the Family Life Center.

2nd & 3rd Grade

The class is taught the early basics of Bible Study and understanding.

4th and 5th Grade

This is a stepped study in the same mold for development for the understand of the developing youth


This Class focuses on developing the Youth of tomorrow today.

Youth class

The class focuses on the development of our leaders of tomorrow to be rooted in Christian values